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Jigsaw-GC is a community interest organisation developed in early 2019 in response to the number of high-risk situations involving young people, evidenced through the violence, lack of care and the increase in youth crime and delinquency developing in our communities.

Jigsaw’s philosophy is solution orientated, incorporating a holistic approach to address the needs of young people through authenticity, effective and early Intervention. Our goal is to build resilience in young people and those that work with them, through supporting positive choices, improving critical thinking skills, providing healthy, stable and supportive frameworks whether in the home or school environments. We work and engage with the whole community and through local partners who have a mandated role to provide support services to young people. These partners include local police forces, local councils, health practitioners, social workers, teachers as well as youth workers and voluntary organisations. We work on the ethos that we all need to work together, be accountable in order to help identify and tackle these issues we see arising within our communities.


Jigsaw's website can be found here.

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