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Mentoring is a learning relationship. The primary purpose is to drive personal growth; building skills, knowledge and understanding. There are different packages offered for adults with in REM. But for the ages of 11-21 please use the link attached The long-term impact of mentoring can offer life- and career-changing benefits.

  • Mentoring for Under 21’s in partnership with Jigsaw-GC

  • Mentoring for Adults 

  • Corporate packages


Attend an in person or online initial consultation to see how we can work together** 

**Dependant on location a fee maybe payable for Adult in person consultations under 21’s consultation sessions are fre​​​

Education Mentoring 

Working with the Education sector in conjunction with Jigsaw-GC to support schools, teachers and students

  • Under 18’s

  • Adults 

Book an initial consultation to see how we can work together* 

*A fee is payable for in person consultations for both adults and under 18’s online consultations are free 

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